Our Story

The heart and soul of The Foveran is our team. Three times winner of the Orkney Food Festival “Best Evening Meal” Award and 2 times winner of the previous Orkney Quality Food & Drink Awards, we like to offer a warm welcome and relaxed visit.

We look forward to welcoming you,

The Doull Family
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The Foveran is jointly owned and run by two Orcadian Doull families, making best use of all their skills. Paul Doull is the chef and his wife Helen oversees the restaurant, while his sister-in-law Shirley looks after the administration and makes sure everything runs smoothly and his brother, Hamish looks after the facilities and maintenance. The family are supported by a strong team in the kitchen and restaurant, including chef Roddy Belford.

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We want you to enjoy your stay, so if you have any specific requests or dietary requirements, do please let us know.

We have worked hard to create a unique Orkney experience at the Foveran, enjoyed by local people and visitors alike. If you want to savour local produce, prepared and presented with care in a relaxed and comfortable setting, then the Foveran is the place for you.