meet the team

At the Foveran we work as a team, led by Chefs Paul and Roddy. We strive to create delicious dishes from the freshest local ingredients. Our philosophy is about using the elements of Orkney’s high quality natural environment from land, soil & sea to produce dishes which are both tasty and memorable.


Roddy Belford

Originally from Edinburgh, Roddy has a strong association with Orkney, as his mother’s mother came from here and married an Edinburgh man after attending College there. Many summer holidays were spent coming to Orkney, as the Belfords lived abroad in Oman where Roddy’s dad worked. Many of Roddy’s early food memories come from Oman – large pots of curries and spit roasted goat! Food was very different there, with a lot of grilled meat and barbecues, which has had a strong influence on his love of spices and flavours.

Roddy moved to Orkney in 1989, where he met his wife and they now have two daughters. He worked in restaurants in Kirkwall for ten years before joining Paul at the Foveran in 2007. “I love coming up with new ideas and enjoy all aspects of cooking from starters to desserts. I particularly enjoy bread making, which is a bonus as all our bread and bannocks are homemade daily, which our guests really appreciate. Other favourites are fish and shellfish – our monkfish and chorizo stew is one of my menu highlights!”

Paul and Roddy are great friends, which really helps the operation to run smoothly. Paul says: “He can step into my shoes and I rely on him for a lot of our menu inspiration and flavour combinations. He works well under pressure and is a great asset to the business.”

Roddy was crowned ‘Orkney Masterchef’ winner 2014 at an Orkney Food & drink event held in the Orkney Theatre where three professional chefs and one amateur chef battled it out for the title of Orkney’s top chef.



Margaret, who has been with us 12 years, grows all our herbs and a unique supply of peppery black rocket from her garden, as well as free range eggs. She is a problem solver who can perform miracles from nowhere!