our ethos

Good food depends on the quality of the ingredients. At the foveran we work closely with local livestock farmers, fishermen and growers to select the best seasonal produce for our larder. With long hours of daylight in summer, there’s a surprising range of fruit and vegetables grown locally.

It’s vital to know the origins of our produce, and we work closely with our local suppliers to ensure we obtain the highest quality. Naturally our menu focuses on what Orkney does best: beef, lamb, seafood, cheese, and of course, whisky.

The renowned North Ronaldsay mutton we serve gets its wonderful texture and flavour from the seaweed the sheep graze on the rugged island shoreline and comes to us directly from North Ronaldsay farmer Billy Muir of Hooking. Our Orkney beef and lamb is reared and butchered locally. Working closely with local craft butchers Craigies, who are based at the Hall of Yenstay in Tankerness on the farm their family have owned for over 200 years, all of the Orkney beef and lamb is fully traceable.

Kirkwall Bay Shellfish supply scallops, lobsters, partans and langoustines, according to availability and thriving local fishmonger Jollys of Orkney produce excellent smoked fish from their own kiln.

With rich pasture, Orkney has long been known for its dairy produce, and Grimbister Farm Cheese is a local speciality, continuing a centuries-old tradition of cheese making.

One of Paul’s signature dishes uses the peaty notes of Highland Park whisky, distilled in Kirkwall, to complement the rich texture of Orkney’s finest beef fillet.

We stock a range of Orkney beverages, from Highland Park and Scapa whisky to local gins from The Orkney Gin Company, The Deerness Distillery and Orkney Distilling Ltd. Also beers from craft producers The Orkney Brewery in Quoyloo and the family-run Highland Brewing Company based at Swannay.



“The close working relationship we share with local producers and fishermen ensures the best seasonal produce is delivered to our kitchen daily.” Paul Doull, Chef owner


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